Our Story, His Masterpiece – by Kimberly Moore

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Purple, turquoise, blue, green, and pink…these are a few of the favorite colors of the women at Exodus, a ministry that “empowers formerly incarcerated mothers and their children to achieve a productive and fulfilling life through Jesus Christ.” That is their mission statement and it is exactly what they strive to do…with great success.

An astounding 87% of previously incarcerated men and women return to prison within the first three years. For those women that spend time at Exodus, less than 4% return to incarceration.

If accepted after applying to live at Exodus, the women are given a fully furnished apartment with all of their basic living needs. They are asked to commit for a full year where they are given a second chance to truly change the course of their lives. Once they have moved in, they are reconnected with their children who come to live with them. It may have been months, or even years, since they have seen their children. Exodus is the only organization in Texas that receives both women and their children into its care after the mother has been released from incarceration. Click here to read more …

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