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Eli Hammonds General

We are counting our blessings!!

Thank you for joining us on Friday at our 2017 Power Breakfast as we celebrated all that God is doing in the lives of the women and children of Exodus.  We are overwhelmed by your generous response and truly could not do it without each and every one of you.  A special thanks to our speaker, Mark Casson, the Women’s Council, all of our sponsors, table hosts and many local businesses who contributed goods and services to make the morning so very special.  Your partnership with us is making a difference and we are grateful.





If you missed the Exodus Ministries 2017 Power Breakfast on October 27, 2017 at the Lakewood Country Club, you really missed a delightful time.  The keynote speaker was Mark Casson who shared his compelling story of sin, condemnation, and redemption, which has led to him becoming the Director of Prison Ministry for the Presbyterian Church in America.

God is doing a mighty work of redemption in the lives of the moms who call Exodus “home” for a season.  The only way that can happen is for generous folks like the friends of Exodus Ministries to invest in the ministry on a regular basis.  Every month, Exodus pays the bills for the operation of the ministry.  Won’t you consider partnering with us by supporting Exodus Ministries on a monthly basis?  A consistent investment of $20, $30, or even $50 per month will make a dramatic difference in the ability of Exodus to minister to women and children who are seeking the face of God as they restore and rebuild their families.

Think of it this way.  One time each week, set aside $5 that you might have spent on a cup of coffee at StarBucks and commit to a recurring investment in Exodus Ministries of just $20 per month.  If you are able to set aside $30 or even $50, that would be even more helpful.  A consistent, recurring monthly investment is as easy and painless to make as buying a cup of coffee.
We are so grateful to each of you for the support and encouragement you provide to the residents and staff of Exodus Ministries.  We are pleased to answer the call.  Won’t you join us?


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