May 2017 Newsletter – Exodus Ministries

Eli Hammonds General


We are extremely excited about our new Children’s Center at Exodus Ministries and very grateful to the Foundations that made it all possible. Our new facility will allow us to better serve the children of Exodus more extensively and effectively!

Pop in and celebrate with us.  Take a tour of our facility, meet our residents, graduates and their children and see what God is doing at Exodus Ministries.


Our sweet Exodus graduate, Cynthia, is graduating with her Associates Degree this month! She is off to UNT Dallas in the Fall! Many of you know Cynthia if you’ve spent any time at Exodus – she is the one keeping all of our ducks in a row, as our Administrative Assistant. We are so proud of her and everything she continues to accomplish since graduating our program!



Our beloved Ken Nwankwo is an integral part of our Exodus Children’s Ministry. Ken joined our Volunteer family about three years ago, as a Children’s Mentor, but when the family he was partnered with decided to quit the program, Ken decided to mentor all of the children. He has been a very faithful Friday volunteer ever since. Ken shows these kids what a Godly man is, and how to have fun and live life. Many of you have either met Ken or heard about Ken from any one of our Exodus children, so you know the impact he has had on so many. He has been a Dental student, and he still managed to devote time and energy to our families each week. After much diligence, perseverance, and sacrifice, Ken graduates this month, and will be an official Doctor of Dental Surgery. Unfortunately this means our “Mr. Ken” will be moving out of state, but we wish him all the best and all the love in Seattle! He will forever be a huge part of Exodus Ministries.

We are always in need of volunteers! Exodus is primarily made up of volunteers, and we are continually growing! In the next two weeks, we should have two new families joining our larger family, and that means we need more help! In what areas, you ask? Here are a few opportunities:

Mentor a Mama – a weekly commitment to nurture a mama’s walk with the Lord. Meet with her, be available to pray with her, offer guidance, etc.

Mentor a Child – a weekly/bi-monthly commitment to a child in our program [same gender as you]. Be available to meet with them, talk to them, encourage them, take them to the grocery store with you, be a point of stabilty for them.

Children’s Ministry Volunteer – a weekly commitment [1.5 hours on a weeknight], play tag, do crafts, etc. We are adding 2 more new babies [upping our totaly to FIVE babies] that need one person each to love on them, rock them, feed them. Is that you?

Photographers/Graphic Designers – an occasional commitment, as needed! We are in need of talented people that would be willing to use their gift in this way!

Handyman – Someone that could donate a day or two of their time each month to help “around the house” – someone that could install air filters, fix broken doorknobs, or simple plumbing issues.

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