January 2018 Newsletter – Exodus Ministries

Eli Hammonds General

A year of firsts…

Happy New Year!

As we celebrate beautiful beginnings, we can’t help but think about the “firsts” many of our families experience during their year at Exodus.

From first smiles, to first solid foods, crawling, first words, and first steps – these are only a few “firsts” that we are privileged to witness. However, the babies are not the only ones experiencing firsts – each mother has her own road to navigate. Many of these women are experiencing new things like running her own home for the first time in her life, her first job, first time having a savings account, getting a driver’s license, and for many of them, this is the first time they’ve been able to parent their children.

This year of firsts would not be possible without a safe, encouraging environment for growth to occur. We are looking ahead to 2018, being able to mentor women and their children, offer counseling, and a chance to restore what has been broken.

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Love coffee? You can grab a cup of coffee with one of our women once a week and be a mentor.

Love building LEGO’s? Come play with our children one night a week.

Love throwing parties? Come throw a birthday party for our residents!

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