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Happy September!
We have several exciting events in store for the month of September and October!


Currently, most of our children are Preschool age, but we do have a few in Elementary School! We sent our Grade School kiddos back to school a few weeks ago – all are loving their new teachers and classes already! We are so grateful for teachers! In years past, their mamas have not been with them on the first day of school – but this year, thanks to your generosity and support, their mamas were able to send them off with new uniforms, shoes, a haircut, full backpack, and a kiss!


You don’t have to be a golfer to have loads of fun. If you can hang on to the club while swinging, you’re in for treat! You can sign up as an individual or as an entire team of 6! Please join us!

North Texas Giving Day

North Texas Giving Day is an online giving event for people across the nation (and the world!) to come together to raise as much money as possible for North Texas nonprofits on one day: September 22, 2016. In seven years, North Texas Giving Day has pumped more than $119 million into the North Texas community. In 2015, $33 million was raised through more than 118,000 gifts benefiting 2,020 nonprofits.

Please SAVE THE DATE and support Exodus on this day! Every donation is eligible for bonus donations and incentives through Communities Foundation of Texas, so no donation is too small! Please join us in supporting the women and children of Exodus!

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Imagine you were brought into this world by a mother and a father that were addicted to drugs and alcohol. Your early childhood years were full of violence, neglect, and constantly being exposed to drinking and drug abuse. 

You begged for attention, but it was never given. You waited until your mom was passed out from binge drinking in order to crawl up in her arms and force her to hold you… just to feel any semblance of love. 

This is Jessica’s story. Her story is far from over, in fact – it is only the beginning. 

Jessica was abandoned by her parents. Left to her grandmother.  Eventually she ended up in Child Protective Services and from there, a foster family. Jessica was placed with three different foster families – and was sexually abused, verbally abused, and/or physically abused in each one. 
The pain that this caused her – and the absence of the love and care from a family unit – caused her to turn to drugs. 

After dabbling in drugs at a young age, Jessica was admitted to a Mental Care Facility. There, she was sexually assaulted by a staff member. When she completed her program at the Mental Care Facility, she was released to a foster family. Jessica was then returned to CPS custody when the family realized her childhood was very rough, and how that might affect the other children’s safety in the home. 

From birth to age fourteen, all Jessica knew was abandonment, neglect, exploitation, and abuse. At 14, she decided she was done with family. She ran away, and began her life living on the streets. She was homeless, with seemingly no one on her side. 

After a few weeks of living on the streets, she was approached by people that offered to help her. Being young, a bit naïve, and with no one, she was the prime prospect for sex trafficking. She was trafficked for the next several years by many different men. If she didn’t show up with money, she was beaten. This went on for years. 

At 16, she realized that she could find a way around sleeping with men for money, and instead stole their wallets to turn into her traffickers. She thought, “Maybe they won’t beat me if I just come home with money.” She was right.  

A passerby saw her on the streets, assuming she was prostituting herself, and called the police to report it. The police found her, and realized that she was overdosing on cocaine. After a few days in the hospital, she was sent to Dallas County Juvenile. One night, Jessica became very sick and was rushed to the emergency room. The doctors discovered blisters and ulcers covering her esophagus – down to her intestines, caused by the drugs in her body. After awhile, she was unable to walk. They believe she was suffering from a conversion disorder – and this was a way her body dealt with the trauma she’s endured all of her life. 

From there, her grandmother was given custody to Jessica. They moved to Waco, TX. She became very lonely, was already very behind in school, and didn’t know anyone in this new town. All of these factors combined enabled her to fall back into old ways. This was where she was comfortable; it was a lifestyle she knew. 

The next several years of her life were a whirlwind – full of the wrong people, wrong places, and wrong priorities. Her grandmother was put in danger and was nearly beaten to death due to Jessica’s poor choices in friends. 

During this hectic time, Jessica found out she was pregnant. She was on the run from the police for the next three years. She stopped using, but she knew she was not doing the right thing. After three years on the run, she decided to turn herself in. 

While incarcerated, she met a young woman who was on her way out. Through conversations, this woman told Jessica about Exodus Ministries, and that she was recently accepted! This encouraged Jessica to apply, and she was accepted as well! 

We are so excited to have Jessica here with us, at Exodus, and we are expectant of the beautiful work that the Lord will do in and through her during this year. Please join us in praying for her – for steadfastness, strength, joy, and patience as she is on this journey to healing. Love led her to Exodus, and Love Himself is who will see her through. 





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