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Eli Hammonds General

“Prior to coming to Exodus, I fully believed that my children would be better off if I were dead. I would be walking down the street, see a worm on the sidewalk, and think to myself, ‘that worm is more worthy than I am’.I now know that God has a purpose for my life.”

These are the words of a woman we had the privilege to interview for our program almost a year ago. This woman was accepted into Exodus Ministries, and is getting ready to graduate in early 2018. She came to us confused, hurting, codependent, and with no self worth. She will graduate soon, and join the beloved “Sisterhood of Exodus Graduates”.  What did Exodus provide for her? We allowed her a safe and nurturing environment to begin the process of inner healing, discipleship, teaching, and an opportunity to learn about the woman/mother/friend/daughter/sibling God has created her to be.

We have had the privilege to walk 21 women through our program in 2017, and celebrated 7 graduations!

We have impacted more than 32 women and over 60 children in 2017.

We have had over 30 Children’s Ministry Volunteers, 30 Teachers, 17 Mentors, and 6 Apartment Make Ready Volunteers invest in the women and children of Exodus this year.

Is your New Years Resolution centered around giving back? What a coincidence, we are currently recruiting for our 2018 volunteer team, and we are in desperate need to fill several volunteer roles! Here are just a few opportunities we have in 2018!

Mentor – we hope to partner each mom and grade school child up with a mentor. Someone that can devote an hour or so a week to help a mom or child navigate this season of life. Some mentors choose to go through a bible study, just meet to talk, ice cream, or simply go to the park with their mentee.

Children’s Ministry Volunteer – 2-4 evenings a month, 6:15-8:15PM. Come join us as we serve the children of Exodus while their moms are in class. Rock and care for one of our [many] babies, or play scrabble with a grade school child.

Apartment Make Ready – When women graduate, they actually get to keep everything in their apartment. That’s right, furniture, linens, dishes, everything is theirs to take with them. We are left with an empty, well-worn, well-loved apartment in need of an individual or group to come revive it for the next mom and child[ren]. This is ideal for a family or group that wants to serve together.

Host a Birthday Party – We rely on volunteers to host our monthly birthday parties for our residents! Many of our children do not get invited to birthday parties, so this is actually one they get to attend. Do you love to plan and host? Let us know!





We are SO grateful to the youth from First Baptist Burleson, as well as Belle & Sparrows for decorating Exodus for Christmas! The youth from First Baptist Burleson generously provided each family a Christmas tree and decorations and helped our women and children decorate their homes and individual Christmas trees! Belle & Sparrows provided Christmas Wreaths for each door! We love how creative each of these groups are in their desire to serve our families!

We are in need of NEW tennis shoes for our moms and children! We provide a pair of tennis shoes for every woman and child as they arrive at Exodus. We provide a new pair of tennis shoes for all of our children at the beginning of the school year, but by December most have outgrown them and worn them out.  The women wear their tennis shoes daily, but due to the wear and tear of public transportation and working on their feet, these shoes are falling apart by December. Can you help us by donating NEW tennis shoes [in all women’s and children’s sizes]?  We would love to bless each of them with a brand new pair of tennis shoes to start the new year!

The year is drawing to an end.  We are not there yet, but you can see it from here!

This has been an exciting year for Exodus Ministries.  This year, the occupancy rate at Exodus has been consistently higher than in a very, very long time. Seven of the moms completed the program and graduated this year.  We have had four of our graduates move on to Buckner Family Pathways this year, a program designed for single mothers seeking to advance their education.  And this year, one of our graduates purchased her own café which she operates.

How did all these things happen?  They happened because you and many others just like you took a portion of your treasure and poured it into the moms and their children who came to Exodus without hope, but believing in and clinging to the promises of God.  At Exodus they found safety, love, compassion, and hope for a brighter future.

We know it is not possible or practical for one person, or even a few people, to underwrite all of the expenses incurred in offering the intensive, comprehensive, residential discipleship program which the moms and children find at Exodus Ministries.  We ask just one simple question:  Will you please join us in bringing the hope only Jesus can offer to the families we serve by making a modest monthly investment in these precious lives?  If your friends are looking for a worthy cause to make an investment, direct them, where they will see how God is redeeming lost and hopeless souls.

Redemption is free through Jesus, but housing, utilities, and programming are not.  Your small monthly investment will help provide a place where God will do His work.  You may send your monthly check to Exodus Ministries, 4630 Munger Avenue #110, Dallas, Texas 75204, or simply visit our website (  and make your donation there.

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