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Eli Hammonds General


A few evenings ago, I was leaving dinner with a friend, carrying my leftovers, and I passed by a young woman sitting on a ledge next to the gas station. My first thought was, “I’ve sat on that same curb at the gas station so many times.” As I approached her, and she turned to look at me, I could see the heaviness in her eyes. I didn’t want to assume she was homeless, but there were factors that contributed to that idea. I offered her the food that I had, I shook her hand and asked for her name. Track marks covered her arm, and a desperation covered her spirit. I instantly felt gratitude.

I am the Case Manager and one of the Resident Managers for Exodus Ministries. I am also a graduate of the program. 13 years of addiction, heartache, pain, and grief have led me to where I am today – rescued and whole.

There are moments in my life that feel surreal. “How can I possibly be on this side?” I was driving down the street and a realization hit me like a ton of bricks… Jesus loves that young girl, right there; on a curb, in her addiction, track marks on her arm. He died for her. At one time, I was her. Jesus picked me up from the worst place. He delivered me and set me free. I know He wants the same for this young girl, and also for you.

Jesus used a program, Exodus Ministries, to radically change my life. To disciple me, to love me, to teach me that I am not defined by my brokenness, but by a God who pours out His love and beauty on me. Now I have the opportunity to help other women like me find hope and restoration in Jesus Christ. Will you join me?


Save the date, and remember to give! We are counting on you!

You won’t want to miss the 2017 Power Breakfast benefiting Exodus Ministries.  We are honored to have Mark Casson as our guest speaker.  He is a husband, father, businessman, author and church leader who also happens to have spent over 15 years serving a life sentence in California’s prison system.  Please plan to join us this fall and be encouraged by Mr. Casson’s story of life change that is possible through Jesus Christ.  Invitation to follow.  Sponsorships available now.  Go to for more details or to request sponsorship.

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