October 2016 Newsletter

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Volunteer Shout-out!

We have an AMAZING team of volunteers who serve the families of Exodus on a weekly basis! We wanted to send a public thank you to the following groups:

Henny Hughes – who taught our ladies sewing, and donated sewing machines to each lady! Thank you for being so generous with your time and resources!

Rockwall Heath High School Student Council + PALS – students who have been giving their Tuesday evenings to play with our kiddos while their mom’s are in class! They also helped with childcare during our Belong Weekend!

Mrs. Liz + her small group – this group is so faithful to help with childcare needs for special events! Thank you for helping with our childcare need during the Belong Conference Weekend!

Andrea Canafax, Brooke McCartney, Carisa Knight, Ken Nwankwo – these are faithful Children’s Ministry volunteers who come on a regular basis, but they also helped with Childcare coverage during the Belong Weekend.

We truly could not pull off everything we do without faithful, loving, generous volunteers who give of their time and energy! We are so thankful for all of you!

If you are interested in getting plugged in as a Children’s Ministry Volunteer, Birthday Party Organizer, Mentor, or Teacher, please e-mail eli@exodusministries.org




Thank you to our friends at Chief Oil & Gas who generously donated tickets for our mothers to attend the Belong Conference this month! Our ladies had a wonderful time worshipping and gleaning wisdom from each speaker!






WHO: You, your family or your group!

WHAT: Provide a STOCKING stuffed with goodies and 1 or 2 GIFTS (wrapped) for each family member!  And maybe something warm to wear!

WHEN: Sunday, December 11 between 5:00-7:00pm

WHERE: Exodus Ministries, 4630 Munger Avenue, Dallas 75204

HOW: Email and let us know you want to adopt a family! Cynthia@exodusministries.org



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