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August 2017 Newsletter – Exodus Ministries

Eli Hammonds General

  A few evenings ago, I was leaving dinner with a friend, carrying my leftovers, and I passed by a young woman sitting on a ledge next to the gas station. My first thought was, “I’ve sat on that same curb at the gas station so many times.” As I approached her, and she turned… continue reading »

July 2017 Newsletter – Exodus Ministries

Eli Hammonds General

  “While interviewing a potential candidate for our program, she explained the dynamics of her family and childhood. One of my favorite things about working at Exodus Ministries has been how this place has shifted my paradigm. I’m constantly learning the difference between sympathy and empathy. This girl was exactly my age, but has had… continue reading »

June 2017 Newsletter – Exodus Ministries

Eli Hammonds General

      It sure is quiet around here… most of our grade school children have been afforded the great opportunity to attend camp! Many of these children have never been able to attend camp, but because of your support, they will be attending several this summer. Please join us in praying for them! Please join… continue reading »

May 2017 Newsletter – Exodus Ministries

Eli Hammonds General

  We are extremely excited about our new Children’s Center at Exodus Ministries and very grateful to the Foundations that made it all possible. Our new facility will allow us to better serve the children of Exodus more extensively and effectively! Pop in and celebrate with us.  Take a tour of our facility, meet our… continue reading »

April 2017 Newsletter – Exodus Ministries

Eli Hammonds General

    The purpose of the Exodus Women’s Council is to raise awareness in our community of what God is doing through Exodus Ministries and to encourage Christian women to come alongside the women and children of Exodus and support them through prayer, by volunteering and with financial resources. Becoming a member of the Exodus… continue reading »

March 2017 Newsletter – Exodus Ministries

Eli Hammonds General

The Top Golf Blast! event last fall was our first annual, and it was just that, a BLAST!!  There was so much fun, laughter and good food, we have decided to move this year’s event up to the Spring.  You do not have to be a golfer to have a great time at Top Golf…. continue reading »

February 2017 – Exodus Ministries

Eli Hammonds General

  The words of a local police officer are seared into Cyndi Russell’s heart forever: “You’ll never amount to anything. You’re just like your mother.” “I’ll never forget what he said to me and how it made me feel,” Russell says. “For a while, he was right. But I’m going to prove him wrong. I… continue reading »

January Newsletter 2017

Eli Hammonds General

Loving a drug addict is like hugging a cactus. It hurts, and you hate it, then it blooms and is beautiful and you love it. You don’t see the needles because the flower is so lovely, and, inevitably, you embrace it again. I have loved an addict or two or three for the majority of… continue reading »

December 2016 Newsletter

Eli Hammonds General

  For some, the holiday season is full of family, hope, expectancy, and love… but for many, it is just another day, or a reminder of things lost. At Exodus, we consider it a huge honor to help these women redeem their holiday season, and to focus on the hope and person of Jesus Christ…. continue reading »

November 2016 Newsletter

Eli Hammonds General

Thank you to those of you who attended our First Annual Power Breakfast! It was a beautiful morning full of testimonies of the Lord’s faithfulness! We can’t wait for next year’s breakfast! We had several groups that came together to help sponsor our families to attend Lake Pointe’s Fall Festival in Rockwall, Tx! It was… continue reading »

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